We are proud announce the release of Classic Kong, a faithful recreation of a classic title for the SNES. Yes, an actual new SNES rom. It’s free of copy-protection and free of charge, and we’ve even released the source code for you hobbyist types. Special thanks to Shiru for his hard work as lead developer.

Update: Second release! Because of the great response and requests for more content we’ve now added the pie factory level plus some more extras.

Check out the code, or just download the rom! Contact us with feedback or questions. Game on!

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4 Responses to New Classic Kong SNES Game

  1. SyntaxError says:

    That’s awesome dude! I’m working on a revamp version for C64 too, and gfx are quite long to produce. I’m looking for a 6502 / C64 coder now.
    BTW, this is a great job

  2. Anders Simonsen says:

    Neat. I can’t really say how close this version is to the original but you’ve clearly redrawn all the graphics and redone the music. Some of the tunes seem to play a little slower than what I recall, but they’re still very much recognizable and pleasant to listen to. There’re also a couple of levels missing, which were in the arcade version but not the Nes version (I believe).

    Impressive job.

  3. [...] The Donkey Kong Country series was the only one of the Donkey Kong franchise to come out on the Super Nintendo and as none of them were actually recreations of the classic from the Arcade (if I want to get technical here the Super Game Boy combination with Donkey Kong on the Game Boy doesn’t count either) there seemed to be something amiss.  Enter Classic Kong. Released by Bubble Zap Games Classic Kong is a homebrew title for the SNES, which does well to fill that void in the SNES library for such an untimely classic. For the record, Paul has checked and confirmed that it works on PAL and NTSC Super Nintendo consoles (and that on the PAL SNES warns you about performance decrease). The ROM is available at supergnes. [...]

  4. MachineGex says:

    Amazing! I love the backgrounds and the look of DK! Well done, you got talent! Thanks for the rom, I will be playing tonight. You should make a two player game where you race to the top to win. First player to get 5, wins! Kinda like the Frogger remake on NES!